How To Achieve the Perfect Pose for your commencement photo.

1- Before Getting to the Backdrop.

Check to make sure that:

  1. Your medallion or diploma is facing forward.
  2. Tassel isn’t hanging into your face
  3. If you have longer hair, move it to one side or the other, onto one shoulder
  4. Relax, take a deep breath. You did it. It’s your time to shine!

2- Posing at the Backdrop.

The red carpet trick: Shift your body position to about 30 degrees to the camera and have good posture. Achieve this position by placing one foot slightly in front of the other, angle your front foot toward the camera and shift your weight forward on your front leg. If you’re not holding a diploma, put your hands behind your back or slightly below your hips. Extend your face slightly forward somewhat tilted down. This helps open your eyes. Smile and look into the camera lens.